An effective 6DoF motion model for 3D-6DoF Monte Carlo Localization

Published in 4th Workshop on Planning, Perception and Navigation for Intelligent Vehicles, IROS, 2012, 2012

Recommended citation: ballardini2012effective

Abstract: This paper deals with the probabilistic 6DoF motion model of a wheeled road vehicle. It allows to correctly model the error introduced by dead reckoning. Furthermore, to stress the importance of an appropriate motion model, i.e., that different models are not equally good, we show that another model, which was previously developed, does not allow a correct representation of the uncertainty, therefore misguiding 3D-6DoF Monte Carlo Localization. We also present some field experiments to demonstrate that our model allow a consistent determination of the 6DoF vehicle pose.

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Recommended citation: @article{ballardini2012effective, title={An effective 6DoF motion model for 3D-6DoF Monte Carlo Localization}, author={Ballardini, Augusto L and F{'u}rlan, A and Galbiati, A and Matteucci, Matteo and Sacchi, F and Sorrenti, Domenico G}}